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We have over 10 years of retail and computer repair experience. With over 200 satisfied customers and many local partnerships we have positioned ourselves as the leaders in console repair and diagnostic service in Southeastern North Carolina. We are registered with the BBB, State Government, Federal Government, PayPal, and various other organizations and agencies. Our technicians are fluently trained in the following:

  •  Hardware diagnostics and repair methods
  • Software programming including: C, C++, Assembly, Java, HTML, and More
  • Experience with Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and other OS(s)
  • Electronic board wiring, circuitry and diagnostics
  • Solder flow, heat tolerance, component stress and diagnostics
  • ISP Security, Business POS Servers and Terminals, and more


Our Lead Technician is one of the best in the business. He is commonly known as PPCASM, and has a serious reputation for hardware and software constructs, as well as reverse engineering projects. Highlights include Hyperscan Coding, and a N64 Program/Homebrew Loader. 

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  • "When my Xbox went down with the dreaded Red Ring I didn't know what I was going to do. I called Microsoft and they told me that It was going to cost me $150 and I had to wait as..."
    Steve M.
    Xbox RROD Fix Saved me Cash!
  • "My PS3 was totally broken. I kept using it inside of a cabinet with other video games and it got so hot that it just shut down one day. It's one of the bigger ones that plays ps..."
    Lee K.
    First PS3 YLOD Customer Sept. 2010

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