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Repair Process and General Questions

  1. Why is DMA Customs Repair Better Than Fixing it Myself?

    There are hundreds of DIY quick fixes for Xbox and Playstation 3 out there. Unfortuately most of them are temporary and can lead to unforseen disasters when dealing with today's sensitive electronics. We have had many of our customers attempt these fixes themselves only to be disappointed when they wear off or make the problem worse. In these cases we still offer hands on customer service and get your repair done the right way. Why take a risk when you really don't have to?

  2. I have seen many Ads for competition Services on Craigslist. How do you compare?

    The answer is simple: Many of our competitors are hobbyists and not registered, insured, businesses. We have registrations with local, state, and federal government agencies as well as the Better Business Bureau and other agencies. Our work is 100% guaranteed, and if something uneventful were to happen to your equipment we agree to replace it for free.

    Many of our competitors use quick fixes that aren't guaranteed to last. They cannot offer you any compensation if your repair is faulty, or otherwise poor quality. Also todays electronics are far more complex in both hardware and software then those from ten years ago. A misguided repair or reflow on a 3rd Generation console could lead to a fire hazard, or other unforseen problem.

    Why take a big risk with an uncertified repair rookie when you can get the best in the business with DMA?

  3. Why is Shipping my Console to DMA better than the Manufacturer?

    On the whole our prices are a better value than company that manufactured your console. Also, when you use their services they DO NOT repair your box. Instead they replace it with a refurbished model, and "sell" your repaired box to another customer. Their turnaround times vary from as little as 3 weeks to a few months. With DMA you will save time, and also recieve your box with your original saved data and user profile on it.

  4. Have you performed work for any business clients?

    Yes. We have repaired over 50 Xbox 360's and Playstation 3 units for The Game Giant retail store located in WIlmington North Carolina. These repairs varied from Red Ring of Death, and Yellow Light of Death Repairs, to Laser adjustments and replacements. In some cases we had to part out the boxes to assemble other working units.

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Website Questions

  1. Why Should I Register as a Member of the Site?

    Registering as a member gives you the opportunity to save money on your upcoming repair, and gain access to exclusive trade-in deals. We also provide our members with live support in our forums. Members get priority service at our repair location.

  2. If I register as a member will you send me a lot of emails?

    We promise to never send more than 10 notiifcations about DMA Custom Computer services or products in any given calendar year. We also do not sell or rent out our members information to any third party businesses or services.

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Discounts and Promotions

  1. What are the Terms of the Quarter Auction Discount Cards?

    Discount cards are good for a minimum of (1) year from the date of the auction event. They will give you a 50% (1/2 off) discount against any labor fees incurred during the course of your repair. You may not apply the discount to the cost of any parts or supplies required to bring your item into a completed status. It is at our discresion when we will no longer support these coupons or accept them beyond the first year. So please use them at your earliest opportunity.

    You may use these on the following services:

    • PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, or other Gaming Console Repair Service
    • Console or Computer Cleaning Services
    • iPod, Tablet, and iPad Repair Services
    • Desktop PC Repair Services
    • Laptop Repair Services

    They may not be used:

    • Television Repair Services
    • Parts or other Merchandise
    • In lieu of payment of debt with our business

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