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Shipping Policies and Instructions

With DMA Custom Computers and we have a simple process for accepting your repair job online. Simply choose a service to meet your needs off of the sidebar. You will be asked to pay for this service via PayPal. All charges are refundable to your method of payment in the event you decide to cancel or otherwise deny service.

All repairs are covered by a minimum 30 day (90 Day PS3) warranty against defects in the repair. Please consult our PDF Document Entitled "Contract of Service" before purchasing a service. By purchasing from our site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and that your electronic purchase is an automatic agreement to the terms of the contract.

Any repair that is not paid for within 30 Days of completion is subject to forfeiture of which there is no recovery. Online orders are paid upfront through PayPal.  DMA Custom Computers does not provide refund services on console repair unless the repair is faulty. Cases that are determined to be customer abuse (I.E. Placing console in a position where it will overheat and become damaged) will void your warranty altogether.

Once you have selected and paid for a service please follow the instructions below:

  •  Verify you have received the Contract of Service Document in your Email
  • If not download a copy from this page
  • Package your item well in a flat rate UPS, or USPS package.
  • Contents should include the Console or Unit Only - No Hard Drives, Attachments, Cables, Power Cords, Etc. Any required parts per item will be listed on the site.
  • Your price for shipping will be deducted from the total price up to the maximum Flat Rate Amount (USPS) [Typically $5 - $15]
  • Please include your Name, Telephone Number, and PayPal Email Address on the Box or on a handwritten or typed letter inside the box. Paypal Username or similar Reference to PayPal Transaction required on the shipping label or box.

DMA Customs Console Repair Contract*

*Requires PDF File Viewer - We Recommend Foxit Pro or Adobe PDF Viewer
Examples of our work:
Before & After 60 GB PS3 Case Dust 1 Year of Age
A Non-Licensed Person Previously Repaired This Box. They broke the Blu-Ray Drive Clip & Put Way Too Much Thermal Grease on the HeatSinks.
Bottom Case Cleaned Free of Dust and Motherboard Re-flowed and Cleaned

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